In today's global economy, sourcing from China and Taiwan can help a company sustain its competitive advantage and improve its bottom-lines. Many foreign companies are eager to consider outsourcing to this part of the world, but lack comprehensive understanding of the local culture and business practices, let alone securing a reliable supplier. It is with this in mind that we see our role as one that bridges the gap for our clients.

    With over 25 years of sourcing and manufacturing experience, augmented by a team of highly specialized and well-informed professionals, we are here to assist you with all your sourcing needs.
    We offer a full range of one-stop sourcing and contract manufacturing consulting services to our clients seeking low cost, high quality engineered parts, assemblies, and finished products from both China and Taiwan.
    At Insignise Consulting Group (ICG), we believe in Relationship Sourcing and continuous cost reduction to always keep you ahead of your competitors. Once a project takes off, we will commence our renowned Supplier Development Program to further improve and fine-tune suppliers' efficiency in both cost and production. As we are neither a trading company, nor a commission agent, we are committed to facilitate and assist you in building up a long lasting partnership with your suppliers, so that you are always in control; and you dictate how much involvement you want us to have.
    As your representative, we take all the hassles out of your supply chain management, so you can free up your internal resources to focus on product design and development, engineering, sales and marketing.
    Whether you are new to sourcing in Asia, or your current Asian suppliers do not live up to their commitments, or you are just simply exhausted and frustrated with your existing supply chain, do talk to us. We understand your predicament and are most happy to share with you the many success stories we have built up over the years.



  • Grew up in Asia, educated in the US, and trained by Fortune 500 multinationals, our consultants are better able to appreciate the differences in culture, expectations, business practices, and management styles between the East and the West;
  • We have accumulated over 25 years of relevant professional experience, and have sourced tenths of millions of dollar worth of customized manufactured components and assemblies from China and Taiwan;
  • We are not tied to any particular supplier and can therefore offer you the best match for your product needs;
  • We have provided strategic support and advice to senior purchasing executives across all aspects of sourcing and contract manufacturing;
  • We can work with suppliers of your choice, or support you with our network of over 100 qualified suppliers;
  • You can elect to entrust, empower and "leave everything to us", or participate in every major step of the supply chain management;
  • We embrace and accord total customer satisfaction with utmost priority.

    If you believe you need more than a trading company, commission agent or third party quality auditor,  if you believe you need to have an open and win-win relationship with your suppliers based on trust, and if you believe on-time delivery every time, product quality, price, and service are the most important factors critical to your long-term success in Asia sourcing and contract manufacturing, do talk to us. We have extensive experience in putting together systems and processes to ensure these critical factors are adequately under control, monitored, and managed. We have worked with the most demanding companies; and our clients include companies and manufacturers that supply to leading chain stores such as LOWE'S®, ACE®, COSCO®, WALMART®, ARGOS®; and many leading international brands.